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    How To Choose The Right Jeweller For Your Engagement Ring Purchase

    Princess cut diamond ring
    Princess cut diamond ring

    A lot of guys have their first experience buying jewellery when it’s time to get an engagement ring. Due to men being men, most of them have almost no knowledge of diamonds, or diamond cuts. They also aren’t aware of the value of the diamond they are looking to purchase. This leaves room for a lot of jewellers to take advantage of these young men. Not all jewellers are dishonest. It’s possible to find one that won’t rip you off. With these simple tricks, you can tell whether the jeweller is fair and trustworthy for engagement rings NZ jewellers have on sale.

    Is He Overly Friendly?

    Being an overly friendly salesperson can be a warning sign to customers. If someone is talking like there is honey coming out of their mouth, they may be insecure about the sale they are trying to make. If they are acting like a of car salesman, being overly friendly shows that the jeweller is not confident they are offering you exactly what you want.

    Look Up Information And Prices Of Diamonds

    The best way to not get ripped off in a jewellery store is to know what you are looking at. It is a much better bet than using psychology to judge the jeweller’s character. Finding out about the cost of jewellery is easy. Simply look on jewellery websites in NZ. You will be able to see an average price for the amount of karats you desire. However, the karat weight is not the only guide. Clarity and colour also have a big effect on the price of a diamond. You don’t need to become an expert, but a little knowledge can be helpful.

    Never Work With A Jeweller That Won’t Accept Your Budget

    You may only have a certain amount of money to spend. Typically people who get engaged are only at the start of their careers. They have not had a lot of time to establish themselves financially so budgets are important. Sticking to them is even more important. Getting your fiancée a ring she will swoon over is nice, but you still need to have money left-over to pay the rent.

    Feel free to tell the jeweller your price range. After doing so, gauge their reaction. If he seems to accept that you only have a certain amount of money to spend, they will be a good shop to buy from.

    Some Jewellers Do Financing

    Pink diamond engagement ring Auckland
    Pink diamond engagement ring Auckland

    An engagement ring can be an extremely expensive purchase. Thousands of dollars are needed to get the ring your fiancée’s really dreaming about. That’s why many jewellery stores offer financing. Of course, you should make sure that you’re in a good position before doing this. It’s never a good idea to miss a payment.

    If you are unable to get a loan from the jewellery store, you have several other options. A hard money loan is a good choice. If you have decent credit, you might be able to get your loan from a bank.

    Does He Understand Your Lingo?

    Jewellers use a lot of words that most young men aren’t familiar with. They may describe a ring as being princess cut, but many guys have no idea what this means. However, they do know what a square diamond is, which is more or less the same thing.

    Some guys may walk into a jewellery store using completely unorthodox terminology. Instead of saying that he wants a minimalist ring, he might state that he wants one that’s not too showy. If you’re one of these guys, make sure you find a jeweller that’s used to dealing with customers who have never walked into a jewellery store in their life. This can be found easily at an engagement ring store.

    Never Trust A Jeweller That Doesn’t Ask About Your Preferences

    A jeweller should be extremely curious about whether the ring is actually right for the customer. If he does not show concern for how well it fits the customer’s fiancée, he clearly doesn’t care about his job and is just trying to make a sale. For example, the jeweller should ask about the size of the woman’s fingers – long and thin or shorter because different diamond shapes suit different finger shapes. There are many other ways to show the jeweller cares about your outcome rather than simply making a sale.

    Try Looking Online

    Another easy way these days to find a great engagement ring in NZ is to search online. There are some fantastic websites which give you a great insight into the types of engagement ring design and also background on how to assess the diamond or other stone you might want. Take a look here for example Orsini Fine Jewellery. They have designer rings or custom designed and manufactured ones available throughout NZ.

    Now You Know

    You have all the information needed to successfully buy an engagement ring. All that’s left is to get her to say yes. I’m sure she will when you pick out the right ring. There’s something about diamonds that makes women melt.

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