Remuera Recladding Builders To Protect your Home

    Here’s How Recladding Your Home Makes Financial Sense


    Most buildings usually have a layer of cladding covering their exterior surface. This layer, which can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, composites, metal, cement or even brick, serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. If you live in Auckland and are looking for Remuera recladding builders, this article can help you.


    Remuera recladding builderWhen your home’s cladding deteriorates and starts falling apart, you lose out on the many associated benefits of this essential layer of the building’s structure. At this point, recladding your home becomes necessary, especially if you want to continue enjoying the benefits of this protective layer.


    Read below to learn how hiring Remuera recladding builders makes perfect financial sense.


    Enhanced Property Value

    As previously stated above, cladding helps improve the aesthetic appeal of a building. Recladding your home therefore is going to instantly improve its exterior appearance, and with it, the property value. If you intend to sell your home in the near future, enhanced curb appeal is definitely going to help get more from buyers.


    Improved aesthetics not only help boost your property’s value but also attracts buyers, making it easier for you to close the sale.


    As you can see, recladding your home makes perfect financial sense especially if you are looking to sell it soon.


    Reduced Maintenance Requirements

    Keeping your home’s exterior looking great can be a time consuming and costly affair. However, with the right cladding, this is no longer the case. Cladding reduces your home’s maintenance costs and requirements by eliminating the need for the reapplication of fading paint. Depending on the size of your home, this can be a substantial amount.


    After recladding your home, you will only need to wash the cladding surface, usually once or twice a year, to keep the entire building looking new and fresh.


    New cladding will also protect your home’s underlying structure from the damaging effects of direct exposure to the elements, thus minimising the need for associated repairs.

    Enhanced Energy Efficiency

    Cladding helps insulate your home. In simple terms, this important layer of material helps prevent unnecessary heat loss from your home during the colder months, or heat gain from the outside during the warmer months. Maintaining constant temperatures within the home becomes much easier with this additional layer of insulation.


    Since your home’s heating and cooling system is no longer required to work hard to maintain the perfect indoor temperatures, heating and cooling costs are significantly reduced.


    Conclusion About Remuera Recladding

    If your home’s cladding appears to be falling apart after years of direct exposure to the elements, you might be wondering about what to do. On one hand, leaving it on exposes the underlying structure to damage as the old cladding no longer offers sufficient protection. Furthermore, your home’s exterior will also be dull. On the other hand, you might be questioning the financial sense of removing the cladding and having a new layer installed.


    However, it is clear to see from the above information how recladding your home makes perfect financial sense in more ways than one. Recladding your home also gives you the opportunity to switch to better and more efficient materials that might not have been available or practical in the past.


    If you need and Remuera recladding, contact Fever Pitch Building.