South Auckland Lawyer – 4 Key Areas

    4 Key Legal Services Offered By South Auckland Lawyers

    GavelA large proportion of people have an understanding of the general services that a south Auckland lawyer might provide. But did you know that most services are not for lawbreakers? It’s not like TV; lawyers are not just seen in court defending someone. Most of their work includes consultations, representation and drafting documents to enable the safe and legal transfer of products or services. Lawyers are not there just to handle conflicts between two parties but to help their clients take legal ownership and protect their assets, help with difficult family issues, or provide commercial help for companies. Below are a just four of the more common ways in which a south Auckland lawyer can help people and organisations.


    Property Transactions in South Auckland

    South Auckland LawyersProperty is perhaps the most common interaction most people have with a lawyer. If you are buying your first home you will need to hire a lawyer to explain the legal process and help with completing the purchase agreement, completing the mortgage and sale transfer and then filing the Title Deeds. If you are then selling a house or other property, you will again need to work with a south Auckland lawyer to make all of this happen timely and correctly. For commercial property deals, a good lawyer can also negotiate the terms on your behalf as well as carrying out the due diligence and processing the documentation for you.


    Business Or Commercial Law

    Business law services are common in Manukau with all of the companies operating in the area. The scope of services may include but is not limited to helping you draw paperwork for deals, authenticating documents, drafting Shareholder Agreements for the business owners, employment contracts or agreements for staff and many more.


    Wills and Family Trusts

    A Family Trust is a good way to protect your assets. This can be the family home or investment vehicles such as rental property. You can also include businesses in trusts. A trust must be established with the right intentions. It also needs to be administered properly so that it does not breach IRD rules on tax payments. The trust administration demands accurate and timely paperwork too. This is often best left to a professional services firm like a lawyer.


    Separation And Divorce

    This is a common problem for many couples with about half ending up in either a divorce or a legal separation. While some couples may end their relationship with very little to no damage, some others may have to go through a rough road to be able to patch things up. Remember, a lot has been invested by the couple – emotionally, physically, and financially speaking. In New Zealand, the majority of couples separating end up with a 50:50 split in properties and assets, even if the other partner thinks it’s not fair. This is one of the reasons why couples who wanted to legally end things between them need the services of an experienced and reliable lawyer to make sure that they get their fair share and that the arrangements are agreeable to both parties.


    If you have any requirements for a south Auckland lawyer, you can contact McVeagh Fleming.