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    Businesses In Wellington – Sales Lead Generation System


    electrician big fuse boardAll businesses need new sales leads. Even loyal customers can disappear for a whole range of reasons. At the start of the year, many companies set their aims and objectives for the coming 12 months, so make sure your plans include a robust, regular, and measurable Wellington lead generation system.


    It Might Always Be So Good

    Many businesses, especially trades, say they have more business than they can handle. That is of course a good situation to be in. But it might not always be that way.


    What happens if more skilled migrants arrive in New Zealand? What about trainees starting their own business? What will you do if building work slows down? And we have seen the rapid fall in house prices in Australia, so what will happen if the same happens here?

    Business owners simply cannot rely on the fact that they are busy today. A change can come very quickly. And for businesses in Wellington lead generation systems must be in place before you think they might be needed. You need to be practiced at lead generation. It is not a system or skill you can turn on like a tap. It will take time to devise, develop, and test your ideas and sales lead generation tactics.


    What Sales Lead Generation Tactics Should You Use?

    There are lots of different ways to generate sales leads. However, 95% of customers start their search for potential suppliers with a search in Google. That’s not a surprise really. Google it!


    It is also true that 90% of people do not got to Page 2 of Google searches. When was the last time you did?

    So it does therefore make sense that your website is as high in Google as you can get it. This is called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. And frankly it is not an option. You must use a Wellington SEO agency to get your site higher in the Google search results.


    MarketingYou can also consider video marketing as YouTube has more visitors than Facebook. Video is now relatively easy, and certainly way more affordable than in years gone by. For decades, video marketing, think TV commercials, was only available to the biggest companies. Now just about every Wellington business can afford at least one online video.


    Other ideas include online adverts, social media, and even local leaflet drops.


    Better Quality Work

    Another advantage of having a lead generation system is that you can get to choose better quality jobs. You do not have to take any job that comes along.


    You can choose the type of job that you prefer. Or you might get to select bigger or more profitable work. Whatever your preferences, merely by having a flow of leads coming into your business gives you options that you would not otherwise have.

    How Businesses In Wellington Generate More Sales Leads

    Sales lead generationGiven that 19 out of 20 people start their selection process with a search in Google, it makes sense that your first step is to have your website optimised. To do this you can either search for information about SEO, learn all the relevant techniques, then invest a significant amount of time distracting you from our main work.


    Or you can contact a proven SEO agency to help with Wellington lead generation systems. For more details contact GIG Internet Marketing for a no obligation chat.