Commercial HD Stock Footage

    How People Use Commercial HD Stock Footage

    Commercial HD Stock Footage
    Commercial HD Stock Footage

    Stock photography and stock HD footage can be invaluable for helping people to create promotional materials, and for producing training videos and website content.

    While video equipment is a lot more affordable today than ever before, it can still be quite expensive, and you need more than just a camera to be able to record great footage. Few people have access to light rooms, staging areas and props, as well as a quiet environment to record their content – this makes it difficult for people to really do a good job of recording HD video.

    Video for All Occasions

    Stock footage is offered by a lot of specialist companies, and it is something that can be very helpful. Business owners can use it mixed in with footage of their own business, or by itself as a part of their promotional materials.

    For example, if you were doing a safety video about CPR, you don’t really need the video to be set in your office – any footage of people performing the right actions will do. The same for things like children playing a sport – why go to the hassle of finding people who are willing to sign model release forms for their children, then “staging” the video – all the while hoping that the weather will stay good enough – when you can just use someone else’s footage instead?

    Commercial HD stock footage can usually be modified and used in both HD and SD video clips for publication online and for burning to DVD or blu-ray. It can be shared and modified, although the exact rules on this depend on the type of license that you buy. Usually, when people sell stock footage they are selling it on a case-by-case basis, and more than one company may buy the rights to use the same piece of video. If you want exclusive rights to the footage – for example because you want to use it in an advertisement, and don’t want the embarrassment of the same footage cropping up elsewhere being used by a different company – then you will need to pay more.

    Most stock footage companies will supply footage at several different resolutions and in several different file formats so that you have the chance to work with it in a range of different ways. They may charge different amounts depending on whether you want 576p, 720p or 1080p video – and some may even offer 4K resolution. This means that you have plenty of options depending on your budget and you can get the right commercial HD footage for your particular use case.

    Often, people will pick up commercial HD stock footage and then extract stills from it for dynamic shots for their brochures, websites and other promotional materials. This is a great way to get some images that other businesses in your niche are probably not using, and it puts you in control of how your promotional materials look, and their tone.