Ellerslie Real Estate Listing Agent

    Finding The Best Agent For Real Estate Listings In Ellerslie


    The real estate industry has plenty of agents so finding a real estate agent is easy but the hard part is finding the right kind of agent. The type of agent you look for will depend on what you are trying to achieve. If you are selling the home, then a property listing agent in Ellerslie would be where to start as opposed to getting a selling agent.

    The two real estate agents may seem to handle the same roles, but in effect, they are more different than you might think. If you take a walk around the neighbourhood, you will see plenty of “For Sale” signs. These banners and also the other marketing you see, are as a result of the efforts of the listing agent. Their role is to create awareness and interest in that home for sale. The selling agent then comes in to play by bringing possible purchasers to see the house and convincing them to buy the home.

    Start Looking in Ellerslie for a Listing Agent

    If you are looking for a good agent for real estate listings in the Ellerslie area, then there is no other better place to start than right outside your door. All the well-maintained “For Sale” signs will be the indication you need to create a short-list of agents to contact. A quick tip; do not be in a rush to call any of the agents or real estate companies. Take your time to see who puts up a SOLD sign the fastest. Some will have the sign up in a month and others within a few days. Doing this will help narrow down your options when looking for the best listing agent.

    Check Out What is on Sale

    Visit open homes of those agents and talk to them about buying a home. This is not your goal but you can learn a lot about how that agents responds. You will have a casual talk as you ask a few relevant questions and collect business cards. For example, do they ask you what you are looking for? Do they call you back? Are the firm but polite? How they treat you is a very good indication of how they will treat prospective buyers for your home.

    Ask Around for Recommendations

    Approach your neighbours, relatives, co-workers, and friends who have sold their homes. Find out who they hired and their experience with that agent. You might be surprised to find a certain listing agent mentioned by several of the sources you talked with. For example, in the Ellerslie area, one name that is often mentioned is that of Mark Tung. Here are some of the testimonials he has received for his professional Ellerslie real estate listing service.

    Source Professional Information

    Seek some additional information and appraisals from other professional individuals in the real estate industry. You can approach mortgage lenders, home construction contractors and other professionals like property lawyers who work with listing and selling agents regularly. These professionals will be a good source of important information about that you need to look for, and might even give you recommendations of who to hire.

    Conduct Interviews

    The first thing to ask is if the agent is a member of the NZREI (NZ Real Estate Institute). All NZREI members have all the legal qualifications and licences pertaining to their profession. Find out the agent’s opinions on the condition of your home and the various changes you need to make to increase its value and chances of a quick sale.

    Bear in mind that most listing agents are independent contractors hence they can also act in the position of selling agents. They work on a commission basis under an affiliation with a certain real estate company. Ask what the commission terms will be and what services are included for example, do they include a listing on TradeMe. However, the commission should not be the deciding factor. What is the pint of a low rate if the agent cannot sell your house? It is far better to pay a little more to a property listing agent in Ellerslie if you can get a better price or a faster sale.