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    North Shore lawyers
    North Shore lawyers

    Gone are the days when having a lawyer was the reserve for the rich. Many people still don’t know the benefits of having a lawyer by their side. When people hear the word lawyer, many think they will only need one when they are in court or buying property, but there is nothing further from the truth. A lawyer goes a long way in helping people handle any legal related issues and make their lives a little easier. Having a lawyer to help you in any situation will help you minimise any risks you might face. You will also be able to ask legal questions when you need it the most. Below are some ways a lawyer on the North Shore can help you

    Interpret the law

    The law is extremely complicated and you need a person who understands the ins and outs and how it affects you in your circumstances. The direction of any case can change anytime even if you are in the right. This happens regularly because people will interpret and defend their understanding of the law. For people who are not conversant with the nuances of the law, this becomes an uphill task. An experienced lawyer can turn the case in your favour because they know what and where to look.

    Not having a lawyer may cost you more

    What is at stake? The outcome of a criminal case can determine whether you spend time behind bars or not while in a civil case, you could be hurt financially. This is why you need a good lawyer on the North Shore. Imagine spending a couple of years in jail just because you did not have a good lawyer to help you out. We have all seen stories in the media about people wrongfully jailed. In civil cases the outcome can be the difference between gaining control of your business, being awarded a substantial sum of money or having a fair distribution of matrimonial property…. or not. If your lawyer is not good at arguing your case, or is not up-to-date with the latest changes in various laws, you could miss out substantially.

    A lawyer knows how to challenge evidence

    Your lawyer will know what is relevant or not in your case. The other party might submit a mass of papers in order to obfuscate the case or to add a huge number of hours to your lawyer’s time. This will increase your bill and sometimes people have to halt their proceedings because they cannot afford to carry on. This is a common tactic especially by larger firms in order to get smaller companies or individuals to withdraw. Your lawyer will be able to see through this and advise accordingly.

    They know how to handle and file court documents

    There are certain procedures that are followed when handling and filing documents. There are many documents involved in a case, and failing to file the necessary documents may affect the direction if the case and cost you a wrong outcome. Again, we have heard stories of cases being dismissed because of a technicality or wrongly filed papers. A lawyer knows all the necessary documents to be filled and their deadlines. They also know how to handle the documents before and after filling.

    A lawyer can help strike a good settlement if necessary

    Many lawyers have faced cases similar to yours and know how it might be resolved or decided. Even if your case looks strong on the surface, a good North Shore lawyer will have a strong feeling about the likelihood of you winning the case or not. Sometimes a settlement is a good choice while other times it is good to see the case to the end but a good lawyer will advise you on the most sensible route.

    A god lawyer on the North Shore will help you in many more ways. If you have a legal issue you need help with, then you can contact McVeagh Fleming Partners in Albany on the North Shore who can help.