Auckland commercial carpet cleaning

    What You Need To Know About Auckland Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Auckland commercial carpet cleaningCarpet cleaning is a difficult task. This is why it’s always better to leave it to professionals who know exactly what to do to clean your carpets without damaging them. The problem gets even bigger when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning. These carpets have seen so many dirty shoes stepping over them, that it would take a lot of work to have them cleaned. This article details a few things you need to know about Auckland commercial carpet cleaning.

    The most important detail is that you shouldn’t allow these carpets to get damp. This is why cleaning them with water and soap is out of the question. You’ll have to rinse the detergent, so you’re going to soak the carpet in water, making it impossible to get dried before it develops mould and mildew. When mould appears, you can be almost sure you’re going to need a replacement, as your carpets are never going to be safe again. Mould spores are extremely dangerous, because they can easily become airborne. When they are inhaled by people working in that room, these spores trigger various respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma. Moreover, people who are allergic to mould can suffer from severe anaphylactic reactions that can be lethal.

    As commercial carpets are usually extremely dirty, they need special treatments applied by professionals. This is why expert cleaners use powerful equipment and techniques that help them dismantle even the toughest dirt and grime from the carpet fibre. Steam cleaning is one of the most effective cleaning methods, so there’s no wonder so many Auckland commercial carpet cleaning companies use it. Hot steam has a tremendous power, so it can clean deep inside the fibres of the tissue. Moreover, this high temperature kills all germs and bacteria, so you can rest assured your carpets are also going to be disinfected. This can be a very good choice for kindergartens, schools and medical clinics, as they have to avoid all types of contamination.

    Commercial carpet cleaning is different than residential services. While homeowners may be willing to remove their carpets and bring them over to the cleaner, office managers wouldn’t do that without affecting the workflow of their business. This is why such cleaning services are provided on site, without the removal of the carpets. This is also why steam cleaning is much better than other solutions, as it doesn’t require rinsing and drying. Once the work is over, all employees in the building can come back and resume their activities. Efficiency and productivity aren’t affected, and the working environment is fresh, clean and disinfected, ready to serve these people who work inside the room.

    Last but not least, you should be aware that commercial carpet cleaning services are usually a bit more expensive, the reason being the difficulty of this type of cleaning job. Carpets in offices have to withstand intense traffic, on all kinds of weather. Most of the time, they are too dirty to be cleaned with ease.

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